Still in St. Louis

Less than 48 hours until departure.  The house is nearly empty, and I’m so glum.  Can’t really get excited about my new adventure, because it’s so distressing to see our home evaporate.  And it’s not going to be fun to be apart from Jeremy and the cat.

I developed some tiny red bumps on my wrist last night.  And this morning they’re on my fingers as well.  This happened last time I was preparing for a trip to China.  I think it’s stress related.  Yuck!

Some good stuff too:  It’s Beth’s birthday today, and she’s having a BBQ at her boyfriend’s place.  A little forced relaxation is in order.  And it’s great to have a chance to see some friends before I take off.

And Glenn just dropped by and took my old computer.  Huzzah!  I’m glad he decided that his house could use it.   I installed a bunch of open source software for them – the Gimp (not Adobe Photoshop), Open Office (not MS Office), and Picasa.  Anyway, it should be a faster machine than what they are running now.