Jia Fen, a Dragon, and Me

Originally uploaded by Elizabeth in China.

Visited the Golden Temple 金殿 with my class this weekend. More photos here.

I used Skype to give the family a call on Thanksgiving. My grandma’s 80th birthday was the day before! It was so nice to hear everyone’s voices. Makes me miss home so much. Still trying to figure out how my parents can visit us here. Plane tickets are so expensive.

I bought a bike a couple weeks ago from Johnathan (johnathaninchina.com). It’s a racing bike and a little too big for me, but it’s really great to be more mobile. It’s yellow.

Wikipedia is still completely inaccessible. “Host Not Accessible” when you type in wikipedia.org or wikipedia.com.

However, now I can access blogs at blogspot! Here’s my friend Angel’s blog: http://angelissima23.blogspot.com/

No Wikipedia Again

A belated report: CNN’s website (actually the AP) was reporting on Friday, November 17 that Wikipedia was once again unavailable from the Mainland. Andrew Lih, the guy dedicated to the cause always has the latest on the issue of access from China on his blog.

I can confirm that I was able to access Wikipedia on Thursday night (from Kunming, Yunnan Province in China), and then Friday afternoon it was blocked. (“Host not accessible” error.) Bummer.

Also… all blogs at blogspot.com are inaccessible. However, you can log-in to blogger.com and update your blogspot blog. Weird.

And… the number of google searches is limited. After a dozen or so, it just returns an error.


Clowns in China

Cyclown CircusI spotted two clowns on bikes yesterday. Their bikes are really hard to miss — like two-storey bicycles — and they were packed with their instruments and luggage. I’m not sure what happens if they get stopped at a red light. Anyway, they must be members of the Clyclown Circus featured on Even Pay’s blog. (She heard about them from this online account of their recent visit to Beijing.) How exciting! They really did make it to Kunming!

This photo is from the Cyclown Circus website — not my actual siting. I saw a woman and a man just before noon on Friday headed east on 文林街 Wen Lin Jie crossing 建设路 Jian She Lu. Unfortunately, since I didn’t run after them, I’m not really sure where they’re performing or if they’re even still in town. Anyone out there know?