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Dirty Words

dirtywords.jpgHey! Since Wikipedia reappeared for those of us on the mainland (it was gone for so long!) life has been pretty good. In fact Mr. Out of My Face showed me a handy entry today: Mandarin Slang.

Yes, maybe if you don’t like to use dirty words, it’s not very interesting. But I think it’s a great way to make yourself feel more Chinese. (I’m always searching for ways to feel more Chinese! Who isn’t, really?) Swear like the locals!

In fact, the Wikipedia on Mandarin Slang has plenty of terms that aren’t curses. And might be quite useful:

  • gǔndàn (Simplified Chinese: 滚蛋; Traditional Chinese: 滾蛋) = get lost!
    –> this one literally means “roll egg,” so it’s means like “roll away like an egg”
  • wōnang fèi (Simplified Chinese: 窝囊废; Traditional Chinese: 窩囊廢) = loser

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  1. HEY Eliz, Sounds like you are indeed making yourself at home when you can swear like the locals…also, Mr. Out of my Face sounds like a useful man to have around the house….I went in on Sarah’s site and think I will suggest she come home and win the lottery or think about going on some of the quiz shows and earn a bundle..I am really busy these days as we are searching retirement sites..your Dad is coming next week to look at a place here in Fenton…both he and Mark (and David) have been so suported in search..
    You are loved…Grandma

  2. This is great info, I’m still struggling with the basics of chinese and this will really spark some more motivation. :)

  3. yeah, I really enjoyed the link as well – so interesting to see what the literal meanings of the phrases are.


  4. DongHo, Many big cities in China is very easy to move aounrd especially with the metro trains. Wont have language barrier if you take the trains, everything written and explained in mandarin and english.They even announced the stations in both languages too.


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