Happy Birthday Jerry!

Hi Jerry,

Hope you have a very happy birthday with many, many healthy and happy=20
returns of the day!

I am hoping to be in China in October.  I’ll be traveling with a g=
– Country Walkers – so don’t know if I’ll get a chance to try to see you.
Wishing you the very best!.

Love, Aunt Carol

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Happy Birthday Jerry ! (from Cousin Nadine)

Hello Cousin Jerry!
Happy Birthday! It has been so long.. becky atleast got to see you as an adult that summer. Hope all is well. I am doing good I graduated from college with my bachelors this past december 2006. Then I substitute teached the second half of the year. Now I am thinking of going for a masters in Psych cause that was my major. How are you? What have you been up to? I remember you were one of my favorite cousins as a kid.. it would be so nice to see you as adults!
Happy Healthy B-day!
Nadine :)))

Happy Birthday Jerry!

Hi Jerri!
It’s aunt Rosalie Happy Healthy B-day! How old are you turning?
Happy B-day! I hope you are enjoying your time in China!
aunt rosalie and uncle alan and family !!

Jer’s Big Day

Jer: We (Joe, me & Aliyah) are spending your birthday starting our
road trip to Tucson to take Joe back to school. Marlene, me, Joe,
Aliyah & Yaffa wish you the best of birthdays & we hope to see you &
Elizabeth in Seattle some day soon. Love, Uncle Abe