Not in China

I’m not actually in China right now. I’m visiting the U.S., but I’m returning to Kunming next week. I can’t wait! Being home has been great, but I really miss Jeremy and my life back in China.

Staying with my parents now in Holland, Michigan. Over the last week, we’ve been helping my grandparents move into a retirement community here. It’s been a stressful experience, especially for grandma and grandpa.

Mary Jenkins

There are still quite a few boxes to unpack.

Paul Jenkins

But things are beginning to settle.

Last night I had dinner with two friends from elementary school, Brooke and Jeremy. That was pretty weird, but nice to see them both grown up. I imagine if we were ever to live in the same city again, I would end up hanging out with them. So we did the normal catch up talking all evening, but before the end of the night, I idiotically lost my mother’s keys and cell phone. They were safely recovered this morning. What a moron, eh?

Anyway, can’t wait to get home.