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Switching from Marvelon to Mercilon

Mercilon_PackshotOk, so I’m making the switch from Marvelon to Mercilon. It should be ok, since it’s the same contents just at a lower dosage. As I said previously, they both contain ethinylestradiol and desogestrel but Marvelon has 30 micrograms and Mercilon has 20 micrograms. I talked to my sister and she seems to remember that this was the pill she was on for awhile without major problems — and she’s more sensitive than I am to headaches, bloating, and stuff.

I messed up the switch though. When starting this new pill, I should have skipped the “off” week. These packs contain 21 pills and after you complete a pack, you have 7 days where you don’t take anything. However, if you are starting a new pill you should go ahead and start the new pill, so there is no gap between the pills. Now that I’ve started Mercilon essentially 7 days late, I have to follow the instructions for 7 missed pills and wait 7 more days until I’m fully protected from getting pregnant. Here’s what I found online:

What do I do if I miss a pill?
If you forget to take your pill at your usual time, take it as soon as you remember. A missed pill is one that is 24 hours or more late. If you miss a pill, follow the instructions below.

One pill missed
If you forget to take ONE pill, or start your new pack one day late, you should take the pill you missed as soon as possible, even if this means taking two pills at the same time. Then continue taking the rest of the pack as normal. You will still be protected against pregnancy and you don’t need to use extra contraception.

Two or more pills missed

If you forget to take TWO or more pills, or start your new pack two or more days late, you won’t be protected against pregnancy. You should take the last pill you missed as soon as possible, even if this means taking two pills at the same time. Leave out the other missed ones. Then continue to take your pills, one every day, as normal. You should either not have sex, or use an extra barrier method of contraception, eg condoms, for the next seven days.

If there are fewer than seven pills left in your pack after your last missed pill, you should finish the pack and then start a new pack straight away without a break. This means skipping your pill-free week.

Source: NetDoctor

I wish there wasn’t such a significant difference in price. These pills cost 68 rmb, I think, and before I was paying less than 30 rmb for a pack of Marvelon. Oh well. It’s the fucking evil pharmacy companies taking advantage of a corner on the market here.

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  1. Hi, yes I am also looking for Marvelon… having it readily available in China was great… now it’s suddenly gone. I’m tempted to try Mercilon however I just think it’s too expensive… So I’m not sure what to do now!

  2. Mercilon is more expensive! So evil of them to take advantage of a clear monopoly. I believe it’s the same company that manufactures Marvelon, Mercilon, and the Yasmin (or whatever it’s called — even more expensive!)… You might want to keep checking various pharmacies and stock up if you find one that still has it in stock. I’ve found a few. But in fact I’ve already made the switch to Mercilon. It seems to mess with my moods more than Marvelon, but I’m hoping that I can adjust to it.

  3. Hi there!

    I’ve found Marvelon (吗富隆) in website like tmall/ taobao. it cost about 33 rmb and 20 rmb of delivery cost.

  4. Infuriatingly, the first pharmacy I went to today to buy Mercilon was all sold out and only had… MARVELON! Oh my god. Why are they doing this to me? Price was 35rmb.

    P.S. I found Mercilon at the second pharmacy, which did not seem to have Marvelon. Price was 65rmb.

  5. Hi,

    I have recently moved to China and live in Changsha in Hunan province I am already on Mercilon but I cannot seem to find it here. I ahve even askeda doctor with no luck

    I have been told to change to Marvelon but I don’t really want to change, do you know where I could get Mercilon from? It’s the 28 day pack

  6. Hi Alexandra, Have you searched online? I just tried looking for 欣妈富隆 on and saw a few options. Maybe check taobao too. Good luck!

  7. I’m switching from Mercion 28 to Marvelon 21. I don’t know if I should just finish the 28 pills including the placebo pills and then start with a new pack of Marvelon. any idea?


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