Living in Beijing

I moved to Beijing in October 2012. Here is a growing list of advice and links passed along to me from various expats in Beijing.

The Beijinger – This website is so fucking annoying. It’s slow and cluttered with useless ads. However, it has free classifieds and seems to be the only way foreigners buy/sell stuff to each other.

Maps and Directions – I prefer Baidu’s maps. They seem to be the most accurate (better than Google) and have a great mobile app. Requires some fooling since it’s in Chinese, but you should try it. I can’t read Chinese very well and still figured it out.

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  1. Beijinger? I think taobao dot com and tmall dot com can provide everything you need.
    They are both from the same company/cooperation, the difference is the first one is the portal of C2C branch while the second one is the protal of B2C branch, so the later one has more security, quality, service and credit, you can have a try. Remember destroy the address/contact label attached on the package delivered to you, dont just put it here or there.